We are here for all of your primary and urgent care needs using a combination of traditional and holistic treatments.
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We are committed to creating a model of care with the ‘art of listening’ as a foundational pillar. We strive to create an environment of care that allows us to hear your personal story and develop a tailored health plan to fit your exact needs.
We will make sure you leave your appointments feeling educated and, therefore, empowered to make smart health decisions that will promote your wellbeing. We commit to lifelong learning as a team and provide you with resources to ensure that you feel confident about your care plan.
We believe chronic health conditions require a teamwork approach. As your health goals may require you to engage with multiple providers, we will advocate for seamless transitions through care coordination and collaboration across specialities.
We strive to tailor your healthcare experience based on what is important to you and your family. Everyone’s growth looks different; we will personalize your care plan with your goals in mind.
"My experience with Brooke at LEAP was great! It was amazing to be able to spend so much time with a health care professional discussing all the aspects of my health and life circumstances. It really helped make me feel like I was being invested in, cared for, and viewed in the whole."